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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on September 18, 2019. #1 of 107 Reviews

Nimea Kaya changed my life.

I went to the retreat that was held in early June of 2019 at Nimea Kaya.

I did massive amounts of research on the medicine, the available retreat centers and the kinds of things people were reporting in their testimonials. I have been to meditation retreat centers, consciousness talks and seminars… you name it. I was not looking for another collection of intellectual platitudes.

This retreat center is not interested in propagating or sensationalizing the next new thing in new-agism. And that is exactly why it was so healing for me. The folks who facilitate this retreat are laser focused on direct, living experience. They require no one to believe anything and only direct one’s attention back to one’s own experience. Of which there is plenty once the Medicine starts working inside you.

I have been on a spiritual search for many years but the ego can become quite adept at subtly spiritualizing itself in order to camouflage itself. There are a lot of concepts about the nature of reality and higher consciousness and the Medicine cuts through all of that in a ruthless yet loving manner. Were it not for the gentle, tireless support of the facilitators at Nimea Kaya I would not have been able to process the things that were being shown me in the ceremonies. My intellect went into standby mode because it cannot conceive of what it was experiencing. The Truths about the nature of my posture to my life are so beyond the capacity for words to impart that an environment like the one offered at Nimea Kaya is indispensable. The relationship of devotion and friendship that they have cultivated with the native, Shipibo Shamans has made it possible for people like me, who were lost and alone in a sea of ignorance and begging for the truth, to actually arrive at it. The shamans are joyful, powerful, welcoming and vital to this spiritual work. I cannot imagine planning to do this work without them now that I have seen what their irreplaceable function is. There is no other way to do this, in my opinion. Without their curative singing I cannot imagine how this can be done.

The other things like housing, meals, the plant walk, the graduation into a spiritual family, with whom life-long bonds can be formed…, those things are all wonderful and Nimea Kaya does them fantastically. But, honestly, the overriding sense of surrender to the will of that which created us all is the real gift these folks offer.

If your consciousness is of a similar make-up you can be shown some fundamental truths that will forever smash the way you see yourself, the world and your responsibility to it. All fear can be faced, even of death and hell. All arrogance can be surrendered. every moment can be the universal now full of magic and self dissolution. But not just by reading about it or seeing it worked out on a white board or slide projector. By experiencing it in a non-verbal resonance coming from the power of the source of existence itself. Nimea Kaya knows this secret and is the most graceful group of custodians I could have ever asked for.

Lastly, the requirement for continuing integration an mindfulness that is essential for lasting change, is something that is covered from all angles. Many different methods and pathways to keeping one’s self in contact with the eternal now that one is reawakened to are shared and practiced together. These techniques are super important and are also not pushed on anyone or used to coerce belief in anything at all. It is shared out of Love for humanity and surrender to Mother Aya. And I love these folks for it.

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