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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on September 7, 2018. #1 of 56 Reviews

I recently attended the 9-day retreat at Pisatahua.

The first day when I arrived at Riberalta airport, Erik and Sasha greeted me and brought me to their non-profit house where I could relax for one day and visit the lovely town of Riberalta. We all had dinner together that day with the non profit staff. Erik and Sasha answered to all our questions and concerns that night and we were able to discover the town.

The next day we headed towards the retreat center and the Ecolodge, Pisatahua. It is located in a magnificent place in the middle of the Aquicuana Reserve, a protected area of the Amazon jungle! It was a bit hidden, but right in front of the San José Lake, and from your cabin, you have the view on the Lake. It’s also nice because you have a small breeze and it’s quite needed in this tropical (and hot) place!

We had a retreat every other day, and in between activities planned to relax, think about yourself, your experience, but of course, discover this amazing nature! As such, we did yoga, meditation, art therapy activities, talks about our experience (and ayahuasca experience included of course!), boat tours and hikes. It was really amazing to combine the healing process with the breath taking nature, discover the Amazon and its rituals.

During the ceremonies, we had the shaman who prepared and gave us the ayahuasca brew (which was way better than I was told, actually almost tasting nice!). The shaman made sure it’s the right dose for us, and supported us during the process, singing for a few hours. Of course, everyone has very different experiences with the ayahuasca but, if I was scared before doing this, I understood after the first night I had nothing to be scared of, after feeling so much peace and love inside and outside me. The idea is that you get helped, even though you have to be open for it, and even sometimes looking and concentrating to find your answers.

Finally, even though we had to do a diet, the food was excellent and fresh with local products! I really appreciated that part, knowing it’s hard to cook with the diet restrictions!

All in all, it was an amazing experience, very well organized, and it allowed me to discover the Amazon, its giant trees and funny animals. I also felt part of a family with the rest of the group and Erik and Sasha who take good care of us. You really have a personnal touch and it also helps that there are only small groups. I would definitely recommend it and do it again!

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