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Harambe Detox Ibogaine Testimonial – Opinion

Myself and my girlfriend went for ibogaine treatment to harambe detox in Valencia – Spain as we thought we need professionals to make sure our experience is safe and we get most out of the trip. From the very first moment there was unpleasant and scary atmosphere. We arrived to their house and first words we’ve heard was: “there is no toilet paper and the reason for that is:,,if you put shit on you face you wouldn’t wipe it with toilet paper, would you? Hahahaha” so that was the way to explain that we won’t have any toilet paper. We went to our room which was also the treatment room. There was no hot water so after journey we couldn’t take a shower. As there was no toilet paper we had to wash ourselves in cold water whenever we went to toilet. Additionally we got huge dose of magnesium as Bilau said: “to release all the shit from intestines” so imagine you have diarrhea all the time, there is no hot water either toilet paper and on second day of arrival for few hours when effects of magnesium were the worst there was no water at all as Bilau decided to do building works just before our trip.
In the bathroom for both of us there was 1 tiny hand towel for entire week.

Before the treatment my girlfriend was stressed but it didn’t stop Bilau from making jokes like: “don’t worry, I will fuck you up, hahahaha” – while talking about the doses and the treatment itself, which meant to be a joke again but in this situation it wasn’t funny at all and it wasn’t the best way to build trust and safe atmosphere before the treatment.

Let’s talk about the treatment itself. We got doses and were waiting for the effects to come, we lay on the bed finally and he closed the door etc. My girlfriend was getting panic while I got knocked down by the dose and started strong trip. They didn’t bother to be quiet which on trip is so important but run family life and made noises in the most important time of our trips without any consideration of us being there even though they know your senses are very sensitive while on iboga. Noises were highly disruptive, didn’t even bother to close the door from the living room and silent the treatment room. Because of this I was not able to go deep but was more in and out, in and out all the time. Therefore I didn’t get as much from trip as I could if there would be a professional approach. My girlfriend went through absolute terror as a reason of wrong set and setting and general atmosphere of dominance and mistrust and he had no clue how to help her out (the only thing he could do was to ask: “are you ok?”. Even though he claims to have several years of experience with iboga he behaves like a child and I have a feeling that I would be able to make much better trip myself.

Bilau mentioned several times that he had problems before with women coming for the treatment and not feeling comfortable there with him and with his methods, but with their unprofessional approach no wonder he got several complaints from people and there were people who wanted to take him to the court. Even though he had so many complaints from women clients previously (which he admits he had) he still kept blaming my girlfriend that she doesn’t feel safe because SHE has a “trust issues” so ones again he never takes any responsibilities for his actions and behaviors and doesn’t understand that people come for the treatment to him because they need safe environment and care for their trip otherwise they could do it themselves.

The good thing I must say was that when my girlfriends first trip was bad (due to his wrong set up and attitude and not being able to deal with the bad trip) he offered a second trip free of charge which my girlfriend took and this one wasn’t good either. He wanted to make it right but he just couldn’t do it…

On the website states: “fresh meals cooked everyday from organic veg from our garden” but the only meal we ever got was few grapes, 3 apples and tap water. We have been suggested to buy fruit and food ourselves for which we had to walk 5km one way everyday. For the entire week we spent there we were never offered even any tea or coffee or asked if we need anything at all so being weak and tired after treatment we had to walk 10k to buy some food.

We couldn’t use internet as the “internet is only for family”, we’ve been asked to switch off lights all the time as there was no enough electricity while lights in their rooms were on most of the time and the music was played loudly in their living room just 1m away from the treatment room.

Another nice gesture of them was that because there was two of us at the same time we asked for some discount on the price and they gave as a total discount of €300 which they didn’t have to give as we only asked when we arrived.

Overall for both of us we paid €3000 and all we got for that was a bed, dose of iboga, one tiny towel, few grapes, 3 apples and that’s it. If you are looking for a professional care and supportive environment for your tremendously important treatment of your life then I certainly wouldn’t say thats the right place to go.

The guys have very good intentions and they want to make it right but they have no clue how to make it right because they don’t listen or take any feedback, they are only focused on their own family life and thats their only priority, that their family life is undisturbed and it’s not about people getting professional treatment. So there was shouting, loud music, partying while us being on the trip – no problem for them. They would need way more effort to focus on client, lead client through experience, teach the client how to cope with negative emotions while on the trip etc but they just have no skills or empathy to do it. I don’t blame them for that, its just the way they are and they can not do any better than that. Very childish approach without taking any responsibility for the client. With their current attitude it can be actually a very dangerous experience. You get something which doesn’t match at all with what is described on the website. We were shocked that something like that can happen and that people can be so selfish while charging so much money for such a poor service. Would I recommend it to others or come back again? NO F… WAY!

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