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Shamanic Vida

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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on October 10, 2016. #1 of 68 Reviews

Having been to asia to meet the shamans of the Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, I thought I could never have a better more authentic experience with shamans. I have recently completed the retreats for 6 days of ayahuasca in cusco Peru with this excellent group. It is to say I could not be happier with the outcome. When I planned this visit I wanted to be with knowledgeable guides. It does not matter to me their age, old or young, male or female, as long as the shamans gave the right type of ceremony energetically. To explain the true feeling of the retreat is to say the chaman pako does work with other worlds and dimensions and in their ceremonies as well. This level of life-soul force is unique to find. I am pleased to have been apart of this group we had the most amazing time. Of course, I am feeling very good and I know I will continue to. These are the people you must go to see in Peru.

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