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Shamanic Vida

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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on August 27, 2018. #1 of 69 Reviews

If you’re reading this, and you can’t make a choice, stop overthinking your (already made) decision to change your life and take a leap of faith — not in the universe,
not in your belief system, but in yourself to land on your feet and spring roots like a tree; faith to not only grow, but to flourish in whatever reality you choose. Life is waiting for you.

What Shamanic Vida offered me was not a magical solution to my perceived problems, but a reality check into what I created and nurtured. Nothing here was given but the free will to be present in and accountable for your life’s path, along with the encouragement of having compassion for yourself. If you are ready to be humbled, and to laugh and cry and release (should you choose it), and if you are prepared to dance through light and shadow, then this community will receive you with open arms. I am incredibly grateful for the noble work they do, and when you depart, hopefully your heart will be ready to continue that work and be open too.

Also know that Ayahuasca is waiting for you wherever and however you choose to find her. So all you need is trust in yourself to go. A kind, and hilarious, shaman once told me: “Everything is perfect.” And everything was. Go meet him! (And Chrissy too! She’s an AMAZING healer in her own right.)

With love,


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