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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on June 23, 2019. #1 of 420 Reviews

I spent the first week of June 2019 at the Arkana Spiritual Center in the Amazon! I shall attempt to review the place and my experience by categorizing them separately.

1. Location

This is one of the prime attractions of the place. It is sufficiently isolated from busy city life so as to offer a peaceful, serene place to heal and contemplate. It takes about 4.0 hours from Iquitos to reach Arkana. The journey is beautiful and allows one to leave urban life behind and journey into the sights and sounds of the jungle.

2. Amenities

The Center itself is built on stilts and is a lovely little complex of thatched roofs and wooden bridges, all interconnected with each other. Each room- whether is your bedroom, the large and beautifully concentric Malloca, the dining room or the leisure room (Chilloca)- is protected by mosquito netting and simple electric fans. Considering that is the jungle, the facilities and amenities are very neat, cozy and comfortable. To those bothered by the odd tarantula or huntsman spider- well, it is the jungle! And they don’t need Arkana’s permission to enter the premises 🙂

3. Staff

In a place as energetically open and congenial as Arkana, it is impossible to be farcical about love and compassion. The care, generosity and empathy emanating from each facilitator in that place is genuinely palpable. It helps cultivate trust and with each passing hour, I sensed people starting to feel comfortable, open and at ease. It certainly plays a role in one’s healing process as one’s interaction with the facilitators – before, during and after the ceremonies – influences one’s heart and spirit during their transformative process. If you have any issues or questions, they are so approachable!

4. The shamans

Goodness, what a talented bunch those are! Maestro Justina with her infectious smile is a true healer. She helped each of us with our energy blocks by turn. She is incredible in that she can materialize energy! What that means exactly, ha..well, you have to see it for yourself to believe it. There were 4 shamans during my week there and boy, can they sing! the Icaros are magical, to say the least, allowing one to journey deeper and deeper into other realms. One literally rides with the music. On top of that, the faciliators are also musical-minded and pitch in with songs, drums, sound bowls and other instruments. It makes for some unforgettable sacred voyages!

5. The ceremonies

When you trust, you can relax. When you can relax, you can let go of trying to control the process. And when you do that, the medicines (Ayahuasca, Rape, Kambo [I didn’t do Sapo and hence, can’t comment but the feedback from others in my group was excellent]) serve you well! The Ayahausca at Arkana is strong and potent. It is pure jungle medicine and the shamans there know how to administer it in the right way, in the right setting, with the right prayers and attitude. It is transformational.

6. Other activities

There are many activities being organized around the week, ranging from visits to the sloths, monkey island, fishing and swimming as well as a jungle walk. This allows one to get some fresh air, get back into one’s body whilst still being within one’s own thought process. These activities are enlightening, enlivening and make for some real fun times! I have great memories. Also fosters a great group energy. Each activity is optional, but I would strongly recommend participating.

7. Other supportive ceremonies

These include a sound bath, 3 floral baths, 2-3 yoga sessions, a breathwave session. Each one is immeasurably helpful in one’s transformative journey and has a unique flavour to offer. I am presuming each person coming there has a deep desire to change their life for the better. Each of them sessions complement this desire. Recommended!

8. Price

Whilst doing my own research before I chose Arkana, I came across many places that looked attractive. But none of them offered the range of activities and complementary sessions that Arkana offered. And at such an attractive, affordable price! It is one of their USPs.

If you are considering this place, you are considering right! Choose it. It will be a beautiful week of healing, transformation and renewed energy. It will be a celebration. It will be a sacred voyage. It may be a struggle on a physical scale but that is called cleansing! Take the step 🙂 Good luck!

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