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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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593-93-934-2737 outside Ecuador, 093-934-2737 inside Ecuador, +593985904836 Whatsapp

Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on January 25, 2015. #1 of 239 Reviews

Going to Gaia Sagrada was the most life changing experience of my life. Nestled in the Andes mountains it is the perfect spot for a retreat. The retreat itself is a beautiful place very well planned out with modern buildings and infastructure. The food prepared was amazing. The combination of ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies is spectacular. I couldn’t imagine doing one with out the other, the shamans Santiago, Salvador, Sophia and Christine were so amazing full of love and kindness. I came there to address issues of anxiety, worry and addiction and came away a new man. I feel reborn with all my problems completely gone. These wonderful people showed my how to live the life I always wanted to live but thought I could never have. I am already planning to return to gaia sagrada a year from now, I believe these medicines will be a part of my life forever. They have brought me to a better place and I urge everyone to experience gaia sagrada.

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