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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on July 29, 2014. #1 of 159 Reviews

I have wanted to try Ayahuasca for a while.

Differently from most people I did not go there to heal some particular problems, my intention was to strengthen the bond with my higher self and explore the realms beyond the physical.

The Spirit Vine is a magnificent place to visit. Gorgeous grounds, meticulous gardens and very comfortable bungalow.

I lived in a bungalow by myself, enjoying the hammock in the terrace, reading books, writing in my journal and sunbathing.

The breakfast was utterly delicious, especially after yoga sessions and followed by a very professional massage. Even without the Aya ceremonies it would still have been time spent great!

The beaches nearby are phenomenal, easily the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen! And the ubiquitous coconuts on each corner is a nice touch.

I would strongly advise to opt for the 4 ceremonies retreat, as each ceremony is different and provides insights, realisations and healing with each subsequent session being more beneficial for those who learn to navigate the realm that Aya takes you to. In fact one person from our group stayed to live there and to teach the world what Ayahuasca has taught him!

I loved it there and I am looking forward to coming back for more. The Spirit Vine combines the exotic nature of rainforest, the mystique of Aya and comfort level that will leave few wanting more.

A big thanks to Silvia and Michael for making this experience so wonderful!

Tomas, Lithuania

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