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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)


Reviewed on September 3, 2015. #1 of 110 Reviews

A 10-day retreat at the Eagle Condor Alliance made me feel so rejuvenated, happy and fulfilled as a woman coming back home feeling like a new person with fresh emotions and a clean heart. Following the retreat I felt so good by receiving such great treatments and medicine in Colombia that I decided to share the new ?ME? with my friends on Facebook to observe their reactions. Within a few seconds the picture went viral with nice comments saying how beautiful and energized I looked while showing so much ?Joie de Vivre? in my eyes! Bravo ECA, this picture was worth a thousand words to show how successful my journey was, on the inside and out.

People are asking me where is that special place that a person can go to to find a great spiritual journey for the body & soul and returning home a strong and happy person in only 2 weeks. The Colombia Mountains with ECA I say, this is absolutely the best gift a person could ever give to themselves as I did for myself.

As for the facilitators, they are formidable individuals with lots of experience with people, music, medicine, food, and comfort. They are also very knowledgeable either on putting a successful ceremony in place, cooking a nice meal, a huge bond fire or simply by being around us having nice conversations. Bobby, Jesse, Hans-Peter, thank you for everything, I?ll never forget you for this most profound and curative spiritual experience I ever had.

Special thanks to my dear Gonzalo, a great man of the heart which inspires me. His happiness is contagious and he is making me happy just remembering his words of wisdom, his songs or his music as well as for the sacred medicine San Pedro and for the Temazcal ceremonies which were all so wonderful and well put together!

Talking WONDERFUL … Greison! Off ceremonies, he looks like a nice bright young man. But when he starts dressing up for ceremonies, WOW! You can feel the power building up one piece at a time so when he?s all dressed up, his mind is like an old soul with an incredible healing power for your body & soul. You sized me perfectly Greison and gave me back so much life again! I greatly thank you for being this fantastic JAGUAR that you are!

Congratulations to all of you my friends on the excellence of Eagle Condor Alliance. It has been the most positive experience of my life. In the meantime; wait for me beside the fire until I return next year.


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