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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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+55 (73) 99988-5785

Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on January 26, 2014. #1 of 155 Reviews

Beautiful, nourishing and safe place to have an ayahuasca experience. Stunning location in the jungle in Bahia. I stayed in the dorm and it was very comfortable and clean. Loved the facilities, swimming in the natural pond, the beaches and the wildlife. Being allergic to gluten, it was a relief for me that the diet in the centre is gluten free. I also loved being where the ayahuasca grows. All the workshops we had in conjunction with the ayahuasca ceremonies were very empowering. I felt very supported when having to deal with any challenges like my fear of taking ayahuasca for the first time. Silvia made me feel very safe and this allowed me to let go completely and surrender to the experience. I feel grateful to Silvia and very happy to have chosen to do the ceremonies at her retreat.

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