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San Martin Peru

Reviewed on June 23, 2014. #1 of 9 Reviews

I attended the June 3 retreat and here are my impressions:

The obvious initial attraction of Sacred Journey Peru was the location, nestled into a rising bank of the Rio Huallaga. The views from my room were stunning, with the low clouds that moved across the moutaintops in the early morning evoking a dreamscape of seemingly impossible beauty. Wonderful vistas were secondary, however, to the quality of the medicine and the skill and care offered by Sonam, Janeth and, of course, Digenes. Sonam held the space extrememly well and with the utmost integrity. Her guided meditations allowed me to connect more deeply with the medicine – and be more sensitive to the mental distortions and judgements that stand in the way of a greater sense of inner peace. I was impressed with the manner in which Sonam allowed us as a group to take individual responsibility for our healing, rather than be a pedantic rule-enforcer. In a sense, there was no place to hide, and this optimised opportunities for growth. The traditional Shapibo vomitivo on the second day set the tone for what was to follow: a very deep cleaning, physically, emotionally and mentally.

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