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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on September 15, 2015. #1 of 239 Reviews

My time at Gaia has been more than transformative; it has been life changing. Christine, Santiago, Salvatore, Sofia and all the staff have been excellent. During that stay, a fellow kept on telling me “is this real?” There was no way of knowing what was the difference between the dream, the inner world and the outer world. It was just magical. The experience is not necessarily easy and always pleasant though, but that is the reality about Ayahuasca! After all, I would not have gone all the way to South America to “take it easy”… I felt that there was lots of depth with the organization and the Shamans, meaning that it was up to me to chose how deep I wanted to go down the rabbit hole. These guys were more than able to handle the depth I could reach, they are well trained. The schedule is perfectly balanced allowing just the right amount of rest between the sessions.

I developed a deep level of affection for all the participants. Initially, I thought we were too many, but as the days progressed, I gradually realized that each participant was a part of me and learning to accept their strength/weaknesses was just to learn to accept myself. I feel that I now have a new big family to support me in my daily life and that feels awesome. Of course, each individual must tap into their intuition to feel if that retreat center and if an Ayahuasca/San Pedro retreat is good for them. Gaia Sagrada was definitely the right choice for me. Many thanks to all involved.

For those who never did Ayahuasca, I recommend attending a 10 days Vipassana retreat before attending an Ayahuasca retreat. Vipassana is a tool to help handle adversity from an objective perspective. Had I not had that training before Ayahuasca, I would not have benefited from the experience as much. When Ayahuasca kicks in, man oh man you are in for a ride, so better be able to handle it from within. Santiago used to say: “Take only what you can handle”. If you are like me and like to push the limits, better be equipped with the right tools to handle that experience.

May we keep the dream going…

With all my love

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