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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on February 23, 2015. #1 of 97 Reviews

Reasons for going to Peru / Nimea Kaya:

I had a lot of things on my mind, including personal demons to overcome and some guilt about stupid things I?d done which had affected people I love. I also had an overarching fear for the future which was fuelled by the actions of our corrupt governments and corporations. For 10+ years I had immersed myself in the alternative media to search for the truth about key world events. Although it?s good to be informed, this research had left me feeling a deep sadness which was affecting other parts of my life.

Aged 40 I felt my life had reached a junction and I was seeking some answers and direction. For a number of years I?d heard a lot of amazing things about the positive effects of the medicine and decided this was something I had to do. My problems, (as outlined above) seemed to be spiralling in 2014. In August 2014 I was made redundant, so knew it was time to head down to Peru. My wife was really supportive as she knew I had some things to sort out in my head. It was all very last minute, but I was very fortunate to snap up the last place at the Aug/Sept retreat at Nimea Kaya.

My Healing Experience

To write about all the beautiful things I experienced at Nimea Kaya would run for several chapters, so I will focus on the most significant event which has led to such profound healing and has literally breathed new life into me. This ?event? happened during the first ceremony. I?m guessing it was around 60-90 minutes into the ceremony when the first purge gripped me. I sat upright with waves of hot / cold sweats washing over me. As I wretched over and over it felt like toxins and sickness were being pulled out of me. As the swirling geometric visions intensified I began coughing heavily and felt something large and solid rising up in my throat. It was the size of a walnut and was incredibly hard and painful to cough up. This moment seemed to last a long time but once it was out I drew breath and it was so liberating. My lungs seemed enormous and breathing felt so good! This feeling was accompanied by a vision of my body ridding itself of something unnatural, and a real sense that I had just undergone some physical healing. This was very different and more intense than simply throwing up.

At this point I should explain that 5 years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called sarcoidosis. This condition manifests itself in the form of benign tumours, called ?granulomas? which form on the lymph nodes of different organs causing inflammation. For me it?s in the lungs and these granulomas cause periodic episodes of chest pain and shortness of breath. My breathing is nearly always impaired to some extent, but during a flare up my lung function can fall as much as 20%, lasting several days or weeks. It?s unpleasant and leaves you feeling drained, tired and unhappy.

Following this difficult (but liberating!) purge I felt so different. At the time I wasn?t able to fully appreciate the change as the medicine had pulled me in another direction and I was working through an outpouring of tears and emotion as I re-lived some mistakes I?d made in my life. This was an equally liberating experience which culminated in the husband & wife Shamans (Agusto & Ercilia) singing their Icarus whilst sucking negative emotions from me. It was beautiful as they washed my fears, guilt and pain away.

It was only as the effects of the medicine began to ease that my focus went back to this apparent healing and how ?expansive? my lungs felt. As I sat outside the Maloca looking up at the stars and fire flies I was in awe of my breathing. I could draw the deepest of breaths. It really felt like the inflammatory grip the sarcoidosis had on my lungs had been released. This gave me a sense of freedom and I felt like I could fly! Following that first ceremony I awoke each morning to these wonderful deep breaths which made me cry tears of happiness (& disbelief). I kept thinking, ?how is this even possible????. My breathing was clearer than it had been for 10+ years. I felt like I?d been gifted a new pair of lungs and all this from my first Ayahuasca ceremony!

Over the next 3 ceremonies the medicine was different every time. There?s too much to cover here, but an overarching theme was this profound and tangible connection to nature. The great mystery of consciousness and ?who we are? seemed to unravel itself and I was offered glimpses of the fabric of the infinite universe that we?re all a part of. This hard to describe ?vibration? resonated with everyone at the retreat and brought us all together. By the third ceremony, 17 total strangers had become good friends. There was an abundance of love and support as we went into those last two ceremonies.

I can?t sign off without expressing just how amazing the people are at Nimea Kaya. Jill & Casey have created a sanctuary in Nimea Kaya. I can?t imagine a more genuine, loving and safe environment to drink Ayahuasca. The facilitators, Sylvie, Winter, Kristina and David were absolutely awesome. The guidance and support they provide before, during and after each ceremony was tremendous (incredible massages!). We couldn?t have done it without you guys. The Shipibo staff were so warm and welcoming. Massive respect to the kitchen crew for producing such tasty and nutritious food.

Last but certainly not least, a thousand thanks to Shaman?s Orlando, Agusto & Ercilia. The beauty and wonder of your Icarus was like nothing I?ve ever heard? a winding stream of medicinal song. This ancient music appears to be intrinsically linked to nature and the healing work performed by the Shaman.

Six months later and I?m still in awe of the powerful visions and healing I experienced and witnessed. My lungs and breathing are still fantastic! To sum the experience up, one of the guys I met in Peru recently said: ?Magic is Real?! I?d have to agree.

Frank 🙂

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