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Sapan Inka Retreat Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)

Sacre Valley, Cusco, Perú

Reviewed on September 17, 2014. #1 of 91 Reviews

It was a bit long journey from Cuzco village to the retreat, but very beautiful though.
The retreat is located in a peaceful tiny village, surrounded by breathtaking mountains that won’t let anyone indifferent. Erik and Nilda are the sweetest people you could ever meet in Peru, not to forget about their friendly and puffy dog and cat)
This couple protected and took care of me during my 4 days stay at their cosy and comfortable house. I stayed with a friend of mine in a shared big room, and in a next room there were 2 other girls with whom we shared a big bathroom.
Ayahuasca experience itself was something i didn’t expect at all of it….it was a hell and paradise at the same time, very personal and transforming experience that you have to be morally, mentally and physically ready for. With the guidance of Eric and Nilda i had a safe Ayahuasca journey that didn’t represent any danger at any time.

If you are looking for that little something that is missing in your life, then….go for this experience. it’s something you will never forget and that most probably will change somehow your perspective of the world and yourself in this world. Experiencing it once is definitely better reading about it million times….
Dare to challenge your comfort zone….

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