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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on August 18, 2014. #1 of 33 Reviews

I stayed with Percy over a year ago, and it ended up one of the most important events in my life.

The center was beautiful, the assistant Josue was on time at the airport and very friendly. The center was beautiful and was everything I needed. Very relaxing and comforting. I only got to see Percy for a moment before the ceremony. I understood later he had important family demands, so I completely understood that he wasn’t widely available during my stay. At the same time, I didn’t need anyone to hold my hand, this was a personal journey and I needed to discover it for myself.

The ceremony itself, as a first time experiencer, was interesting. Once I was under the influence, I truly understood what he means by stating he’s a “healer”. His guidance was exactly what I needed, and after the ceremony was over, I couldn’t stop telling him “gracias, gracias, gracias.”

Now, if you’re considering Percy, I highly recommend him. However I must strongly advise you to do your homework on Ayahuasca. This isn’t an experience to just get high, it’s a medicinal tea, use your time with it wisely.

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