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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on May 8, 2015. #1 of 86 Reviews

Having had a few weeks to adjust to returning “normal” life after my two week stay at TOTWOL, I can look back and without a shadow of a doubt say that the entire experience was one of the most remarkable experiences/inner journeys of my life.

I am now still in process, and suspect I will be for quite some time as I digest and attempt to make sense of my experience and inner shifts. Subtle yet profound.

Right from the beginning, when making contact with the Staff to signup for the two weeks, I found the co ordination and running of the operation to be impressive and consistent. They did everything and more of what they said they would do. The facilities and co ordination that makes the whole place run is exemplary.

The indigenous healers in my humble opinion where excellent. They gave their very best, and on several occasions when their skillwas obviously needed and called for, they really shone. Each of the evenings ceremonies had them always delivering 100% when in session, or singing their hauntingly beautiful Icaros. Weeks later I can still feel the vibration of their song working through me at odd and unexpected intervals.

I found the three facilitators along with the support staff (Alan, and to be top notch individuals. I enjoyed every moment of the delightful conversations with each of them. An enormous amount of experience amounts them. An enormous word of thanks Guys!

Accommodation is adequate. I so hoped for a secluded abode, and got exactly that. Others wanted to be closer to the main facility, and they had that option. The tropical downpours experienced at night without windows was something wow. Only the insect screen and the mosquito between me the night must have been one of the highlights of my rather colourful life.

I so enjoyed the entire operation harmonising with nature at every level from sewage disposal using natural methods to growing their own food, collecting rain water for showers etc etc.

Food was simple but exceptional. Always enough, with seconds available. Just two weeks on this diet was enough to clean up the system and provide a healing of its own. Plenty of FRESH fruit available. Awesome home cooking.

Sessions where intense. I spent much of my time nauseas and or vomitting. The relief afterwards is in describable. Something clearly shifted on many levels somewhere within these sessions.

Have to say that Ayavausca is NOT a recreational experience. To sit through 7 sessions requires determination and a willingness to face one’s own sh1te. The reward was worth every ounce of hardship. Great to see so many healers for the group. We had 7 for about 22 pax. Seven healers 3 where women, created a great energetic blend or mix that a single healer alone could never attempt. The method and diversity of healers created a no escape strategy to oust unhelpful energies tightly help within the body. I am still in awe at how a Women could sit down infront of me, and within minutes Id be experiencing the urge to purge or the act it self to purge. Something rather significant at work.

I would have no hesitation to return to the TOTWOL for a second experience when the dust has settled.

And lastly a final word of thanks to the many hidden fairies (helpers) behind the scenes that make things happen when I wasnt looking, whether that be the lighting of lamps, the removals of the sewer buckets, cleaning of the showers and toilets, changing of bedding, the chefs and so many more. Thank you all!

I will be back.

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