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Temple of the Way of Light

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on April 10, 2014. #1 of 86 Reviews

Looking at some of the negative reviews, it is beyond my why anyone who genuinely has worked with Mother Ayahuasca, the powerful Shamans of the Temple and most importantly–who’ve taken the time to work on themselves and invest in themselves would come on here and write such dishonest and vile lies. It’s more of a question of who these people are and their own self-centered motives than anything else having to do with the Temple. With that said, I give my honest review of this magical place called The Temple of the Way of Light. The Temple is in the heart of the Amazon surrounded by a vortex of healing energy and its orchestra of exotic gorgeous wildlife that only a chosen and sacred land can offer. Just arriving at the Temples grounds alone, you will automatically feel as if you’ve entered a different dimension all together. It’s quiet, scenic, healing and most of all the people who work there are genuinely concerned with helping you through your own individual experience in healing (I believe their purpose in working their is a deep calling in helping humanity evolve and a respect for nature –they’re not just there for a paycheck!!!!) Once you arrive at the Temple everything is organized– you get your own personal Tambo (hut) fully furnished and comfortable– if you need to have laundry done or need an extra towel, or a basin of water– someone is always around to provide that for you. Shortly after that, you get your own individual consultation as discussed between you, the amazing facilitators and Maestros/Maestras, where a plan of treatment is tailor made for you in addition to Ayhuasca, and you WILL see the difference in a week in terms of your overall body condition, your mental state and your emotions.The food is always fresh, yummy, satisfying and very cleansing I noticed. I actually adopted their menu once I returned home and lost a bunch of weight too–and I look better ; ) With all that said–I understand every person who works with Ayahuasca will always have a their own personal experience. I can’t speak for others, but all I’ll say about working with the wonderful, light hearted yet very powerful Shamans and Mama Ayahuasca is it saved my life. It’s not an easy journey working through the shadows of your mind, but if you just relax your mind, breath in a bit–allow for Aya to do the job she’s always done, I guarantee you that you will not be the same person you were before. You’re a brand new person, with an open heart, with an unlimited capacity to love others–and you just may find your second calling in life–as I did. I will always be grateful and indebted for my incredible facilitator who not only showed me love, kindness and compassion but took care of all of us–while the Shamans and Aya did the massive healing and cleansing through out the successful workshop. Thank you thank you thank you! You truly saved my life!!!!!!!!!!

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