Apply For A Free ‘Book Now’ Button

Getting a ‘Book Now’ button is absolutely free, and here are the answers to a few questions you might have.

Q: Why should I care about a 'Book Now' button on my listing?
A: Every month, more than 3,800 people visit AyaAdvisors looking for safe retreat centers to attend. If they come across your listing, they are much more likely to make a reservation if they can do so instantaneously, right there on the site.
Q: Why should I pay for a membership if I can get the 'Book Now' button for free?
A: We recommend memberships to folks like you who would like to get more visibility, the ability to list contact information so that people can check out your website, the ability to respond to both positive and negative reviews (showing guests you care about their feedback), and the ability to be shown at the very top of the home page, in the Spotlight.
Q: How will I get paid if the guest is paying you?
A: We pay PayPal’s transaction fees for you, retain a small $25 referral commission, and then instantaneously transfer the remaining funds to you. Once in your PayPal account, it’s free to withdraw the money to your bank account, and you can also get a free PayPal Business MasterCard which will allow you to instantly spend your PayPal funds anywhere Mastercard is accepted, without even having to transfer it to your bank first.
Q: What happens if the guest asks for a refund?
A: We only act as facilitators in connecting you and your future guests, so all refund decisions up to you. The only thing we ask is that if you refund the guest their original amount that we retain our commission.

To apply for your free button, just fill out the form below…

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