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  • AvatarReview of Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia by Soraya Adams 2 hours agoI attended the ECA retreat back in June and I’ve only really been ready to write this review now. The experience was so profound for me that it’s taken a good couple of months to process and Its only now starting to... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Casa Del Sol by Sapo man 7 hours agoI met Santiago at another retreat years ago. His work, and undying determination, to assist any and every person looking to heal their spirit, child in themselves, or alleviate from mental or underlying diseases is... Read More
  • AvatarReview of The 5th Dimension Healing & Spiritual Retreat by HighVibes 2 days agoWill and Charlie really put a lot of intention into this magical place. The ambiance and area of everything is gorgeous, along with how everything was set up. Simplicity and beauty. All of the staff were very kind and... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Casa Del Sol by Mjosephw52 3 days agoI had an incredible experience at Casa del Sol. It is run by a family, and they truly open their arms to you and make you feel at home. The surroundings are gorgeous, and there’s a beautiful river at the bottom of the... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones by antennae111 5 days agoHad a great time here. The staff as well as Percy went above & beyond to support each of us and create a memorable retreat experience. Some details: the tambos have individual bathrooms (en suite) with *flush... Read More
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