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shamanic snuff (rapé snuff) being blown in a person's nose using a ceremonial tepi
A view of jungle wildlifeA shaman holds something in his hand, gesturing in a specific directionPicture of a group of people, mostly wearing white, standing in the grassA ceremonial altar is shown in front of a fireDrone Shot of our Jungle Centerillustrated magic mushrooms with a blue sparkly sky in the dreamscape backgroundA teepee and temezcal (sweat lodge) are shownSapan InkaA kambo altar at Shamanic VidaA fire burns in the center of a maloka as a man dressed as a jungle native walks byBrenna's Light Donation Based Healing Center


A view of the ancient ruins at Machu Picchu in PeruA bright blue sky is seen above the beautiful Andes mountainsA bamboo hut in the Amazonian jungle of BoliviaA hut sits in a thick lush junglePeople doing yoga

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