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shamanic snuff (rapé snuff) being blown in a person's nose using a ceremonial tepi
A view of jungle wildlifeA shaman holds something in his hand, gesturing in a specific directionPicture of a group of people, mostly wearing white, standing in the grassA ceremonial altar is shown in front of a fireDrone Shot of our Jungle Centerillustrated magic mushrooms with a blue sparkly sky in the dreamscape backgroundSapan InkaA kambo altar at Shamanic VidaA fire burns in the center of a maloka as a man dressed as a jungle native walks byBrenna's Light Donation Based Healing CenterTransformational Plant Medicine RetreatsLupuna Ayahuasca Healing Center


A view of the ancient ruins at Machu Picchu in PeruAyahuasca boiling in a potA bright blue sky is seen above the beautiful Andes mountainsA bamboo hut in the Amazonian jungle of BoliviaA hut sits in a thick lush jungle

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