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shamanic snuff (rapé snuff) being blown in a person's nose using a ceremonial tepi
A view of jungle wildlifeA shaman holds something in his hand, gesturing in a specific directionPicture of a group of people, mostly wearing white, standing in the grassDrone Shot of our Jungle Centerillustrated magic mushrooms with a blue sparkly sky in the dreamscape backgroundA kambo altar at Shamanic Vida

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Story #2: The Dragon

I was once in a San Pedro ceremony which had come after 2 or 3 years of ceremonies prior, as I was living in Ecuador and had regular access to the medicine whenever I felt the time was right. So except for one very rare instance, which I refer to...Read More

Story #1: The Essence of the Universe

Ok, I'll go first, and what better story than the story of my very first plant medicine experience? Well, in the moments leading up to the (Ayahuasca) ceremony, I found some quiet space and meditated to get my head in the right space, and as I walked down the hill...Read More

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