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  • AvatarReview of Pachamama Temple, Rao Niwe Nete by Michal.d56 1 day agoI come from Poland and have drunk Ayahuasca number of times in different places in Poland and Netherlands and then decided to go to Peru to experience Ayahuasca with Shipibo Shamans in Pachamama and this was the best... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Centre by MarioGibney 2 days agoI spent 11 days at Caya Shobo, and I cannot recall a better week and a half of my life. I was introduced to the centre through earlier ceremonies with Miguel (one of the shamans there), and felt confident that it... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Flower of Life Ayahuasca Retreats by Karencosta 2 days agoFlower of life is a beautiful, serene retreat that focuses on individual healing. It by far exceeded my expectations, the cabins were spotless, clean with beautiful bathrooms with running water showers and flush... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Spirit Plant Journeys by MilaLuana 2 days agoWow, still digesting my experience and will have to return as it all unfolds…. As I learned after our 5 ceremonies, Ayahuasca is a process. It takes patience, trust and lots of hard work. My experience was near... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Nimea Kaya Healing Center by Giovanella 2 days agoFor those beings ready to radically revise their body mind soul complex; Ayahuasca (ie.psychedelia) creates new neuronic pathways that enables our consciousness and therefore physical/material/dense selves to... Read More
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