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  • AvatarReview of Arkana Spiritual Center by GetOutThereAlready 12 hours agoThis was my first retreat. I did lots of research before finding this place and so glad I did. Whether you decide to do the mountains or the jungle, you're in good hands. After this retreat, we are definitely going back... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Selva Madre by aquarius 2 days agoI spent an unforgettable moment of my life at Selva Madre. The medicine was potent and led me to states of bliss and awareness. The Shaman Don Luis is someone I thank for the healing and care plus this feeling of trust... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Hummingbird Healing Center by Orion 2 days agoHummingbird Healing Centre I am a traditional shaman having served under 3 masters over a 14 year apprenticeship culminating in my first initiation - a 10 day ordeal in the Simpson Desert of Australia. I am a teacher... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia by rnv 3 days agoI had wanted to do plant medicine for a few years and felt when the right place came along I would know it. Eagle Condor Alliance was recommended to me by a good friend and when I heard that they support the locals it... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Pachamama Temple, Rao Niwe Nete by Michal.d56 5 days agoI come from Poland and have drunk Ayahuasca number of times in different places in Poland and Netherlands and then decided to go to Peru to experience Ayahuasca with Shipibo Shamans in Pachamama and this was the best... Read More
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