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  • AvatarReview of Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats by dinoc22 1 day agoI have attended Blue Morpho a couple times in the past few years. It has helped transform and change my life. After a rough adolescence and serving in the Marine Corps, I had a lot of fear and suppressed anger in my... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia by Al Lionheart 2 days agoThe ECA experience is a truly authentic dive into the world of plant medecin. With the help of the facilitators, the indigenous tribe and your own mental preparation, participants are expected to live through a series... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Dreamglade by Ttpn148 3 days agoI was unsure about doing anything like this, although I've always been open minded it never occurred to me to take the leap and go into such a remote place in Peru, and even when I got there - despite everyone being so... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Rainforest Healing Center by Verity 3 days agoWARNING. This center has had a death. The stabbing of a facilitator. There are numerous accounts of abused staff at this center (sexual, emotional and physical) all over the internet, despite the attempts of owner Omar... Read More
  • AvatarReview of Chakapita by Marbar 3 days agoMy experience at Chakapita was life changing to say the least... Miguel and Sarita where such beautiful and loving souls who facilitated and explained the Ceremonies perfectly... I had a healing for myself my family and... Read More
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