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  • Review of Lotus Vine Journeys by Doenicke 13 hours agoI just returned back to my home in Tokyo, Japan after spending two absolutely incredible weeks on an Ayahuasca retreat with Lotus Vine Journeys in Tarapoto. Wow. What an experience it was! Words truly can not adequately... Read More
  • Review of Aya Quest Kentucky by RandyHinger 1 day agoI just completed my first Ayahuasca experience at Aya Quest in Kentucky and it was absolutely beautiful and amazing. Steve, Teri, and Nick were very compassionate, gentle, understanding and helpful. They created an... Read More
  • Review of Parign Hak – Grandma´s Home by Elika 2 days agoI have stayed at Parign Hak twice. My most recent experience was like a much awaited homecoming, both for myself and my Parign Hak family. I can't remember being happier to see a group of people because the Parign Hak... Read More
  • Review of Casa Del Sol – Private San Pedro & Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador by Adventurer12 3 days agoI joined Santiago and Ximena for a San Pedro ceremony in January 2018 and had an amazing experience. Beforehand Santiago met with us to discuss the ceremony and our intentions, which was important because each person in... Read More
  • Review of Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats by Rich_B 3 days agoThe experience at Blue Morpho exceeded my expectations in every way. The staff are outstanding, thoroughly professional and very experienced/educated in the use of sacred plant medicines. The premises are beyond the... Read More
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